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We all breath, cry, feel lonely, love regardless of our race, gender or orientation. We all crave the human touch at some stage in our lives, someone to hold, someone to simply be there for us during our moments of need. After all, everyone in this life deserves "happiness". In the form that corresponds our personal point of view...

Monday, January 30, 2006

Brokeback Mountain, Outstanding

It's almost spooky how much can a movie affect the feelings of its viewers. You could say that it's the producer's effort to subject them to an unwanted succession of feelings from which they can never recover. I still cannot understand, in its creation, a love themed movie, has forced me-no wait, let me rephrase that-has led me to the point of not being able not to think about it every minute every day for a whole week.

Initially I thought that it was my often moody character. So I decided to read some reviews about this movie on the net. I can assure you that this, was the second best experience since the viewing of the film itself. It wasnt'me after all...

See what some other straight people said throughout the world.

Then with their very next nite together, despite my personal awkwardness and
hesitation in watching this gay encounter, I have now come to understand that
I just witnessed one of the most pure love scenes in cinema.

For those of you insistent that this movie is an "agenda" or that Hollywood
has a diabolical scheme to make all Americans turn gay, I highly recommend
that you please do NOT see this movie....you will hate it, and you will hate
yourself for wasting your time and money.....You simply will not "get it",
and you never will. Like a newly found buried treasure, this should only be
awarded to those fortunate few who will value it's raw power.

Nothing makes me cry - except this film

Lee makes it so that it is the SILENCES that really matter here, those moments between words when love and feelings are most completely communicated.

This is one movie that actually stays with you long after you've left the theater.


As if love is being invented

You will be changed by this film.

It just felt like home.

Unexpectedly captivating.

However the phrase that gets repeated many many times is: "This movie will stay with you forever..."

Thus, I will just listen to others this time and I won't concider what I think. I will let this movie accompany me. To stand at my side as a memory. Like a sweet prelude to unfulfilled love. The "secret" in life is not having regrets. It's the only entrance to the labyrinth of happiness...


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