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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Gay fashion this year

I'm sure you have noticed the different "styles" that conquer the Academy Awards each year. Awards so to speak, it all seems like a county fair where everybody gathers to give something like the Nobel prizes of cinematography...yeah right...Marketing...

In any case, every year has its main theme. Something almost picturesque. There was the year of Elisabeth and films of the middle ages, then came the aliens, then more destruction with comets and the end of the world as we know it, then afroamericans, minorities, boxing etc. Since the producers' wanton mind is quite imaginative and never runs dry, this year has got a whole new theme.

Traditionally, the presenter of the Academy Awards ceremony, is being as sarcastic and cynical as he can be, commenting on various aspects of the candidate movies. I can still recall Whoopi Goldberg, all dressed up in Elizabeth's costume, with her rococo dress and her collar and make-up, making her look paler than a Full moon, commenting on movies and making fun of them as well.

So this year's special, Gay! Brokeback Mountain, Capote, Transamerica... I wonder how, the producers of Hollywood, will find a way to be sarcastic and ironic about those kind of films? The reactions will be more than evident this time, in the case that they won't show the minimal respect and discretion that the stories deserve. Stories that the majority of people, because of their ignorance about the complexity of the matter, are already negative and critical about them.

We shall see then in the ceremony. The movies that are most probably being nominated are more than obvious even this time.


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