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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Podcasts, Vidcasts, Skypecasts

I could have simply leave the title talk for itself. But I guess I'll become more concrete.

Podcasts. They are recorded emissions that are found scattered in the internet with subjects about anything that crosses your mind. From mere music (podsafe music) up to entire discussions and presentations of ideas, up to lectures of universities (Berkeley). The idea was created by ipods, sweet small Apple gagdets that play files mp3, aac etc etc. Thus you can download these podcasts files and listen to them at any moment of day/week that you wish. A good with these emissions is precisely their portability and it doesn't take an ipod for you to listen to them but you can hear them in your computer as simple files of sound or in mp3 players etc etc.

There are podcast managing clients. Then most well-known is iTunes but I use Juice. The choice is clearly personal. Such a program therefore provides you the facility to register in podcast feed (naturally free of charge) and then this program by itself searches looks for and downloads new podcasts whenever they are available in that feed. Practical, automatic, fast, carefree.

Vidcasts constitute audiovisual podcasts. Consequently they are small video files for the same use and with the same process of registration/downloading.

Recently as I was discovering about podcasts, I came across to Skypecasts. Maybe you already know Skype. It is a program for voice of over ip telephony that you gives the possibility to talk with a microphone from PC to PC (free of charge) or from PC to phone(small cost) or from phone to PC(small cost) and all these with voice encryption.
The company therefore made one more step and created small conferences with a usually determined subject where each one can say, live, his opinion. In other words persons from all over the world speak in realtime through their computer.
To test it, I tried it, creating a Skypast for LOST, the television show but the discussion went from the situation in Southern America up to the political changes in China, the European Union and everything else but LOST.

Some Podcasts/Videocasts I like (some in Greek, marked with GR):
Weekendgeeks (GR)
vrypan (GR)
Lost podcasting network
Irish n Celtic music
Wiggler (GR)


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