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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Choices again

Recently, I realized that, although I'd like to have children one day-a fact that is most improbable-I'm still not able to stand up to the responsibilities that a child's bringing up brings along. Not because I'm not smart enough, but merely because I didn't have to think seriously about it.

Let me put it this way. On the 1st of May, faithful to the Greek custom, I went out in the country to have a bbq and enjoy the nature (however I had a horrible soar throat). There came along a young couple, friends of my parents, with their two young boys, 4 and 2 years old.
As I was practicing my favorite sport, observing other people's reactions, attitudes and behaviors, I watched the father, instructing in the most simple of ways, the power of Choice (my favorite subject as you all know so far) to his kids.

Every child at that age, comes along with a toy. Just like a Kinder egg. Each child was holding a bow and a couple of toy arrows. At some point, the older one, wanted his ball which was left in the car. He started complaining, asking for it. The father, took him apart and told him a simple thing. "Give me your bow and arrows and I'll bring you the ball from the car". The boy thought about it a bit and then gave in. After a while, the boy asked for some orange juice. When it was brought to him, he asked for some soda as well. The father again, said "There is either juice or water. It's your choice".

I know it sounds kind of harsh to the kid. But it's a way to introduce him in the world of choices and build up his self-esteem. Make him know that what he enjoys in life, what he has, what he doesn't have, it's his choice. In the future this is likely to protect him from the difficult, more complicated burden of real-life choices.


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