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Sunday, December 11, 2005

How long till Christmas?

Thus, it is Christmas after all. In one week and a half, I'll be returning for the holidays in Greece. I am practically counting the days.

This evening I went to the new mall that opened in the town and then for a coffee where there was this tree... It wasn't so great, but it made me think about Christmas at home. My father starting the fire in the fireplace. My mother baking apple-pie. Blinking lights on the trees in the yard. Even blistering cold that makes you wanna cuddle under the blankets sometimes.

This year my mother, the interior designer of the house, decided not to make a Christmas tree but to simply put decorations in the house, all over the place. I don't know the final result of it yet but I'm sure that she will do a great job for yet another time. Maybe I'll post some pictures.

Christmas time... My friends asked me yesterday what to do on Christmas night. I know that on Christmas Eve I'm going to be with my family. Maybe later on I'll go out for a drink or something. But on Christmas Night we are going to do something special. I just left the decision on them. Whatever we do, wherever we go, I'll have a nice time. The important thing is to be with the ones you love. Not what you do or where you go or even what you drink.

What I would like for Christmas? Apart from material goods? Health above all. And then, love. I wish to be with the ones I love and love me. I wish you'll be with the ones you love and love you. I don't want anyone to be alone this Christmas. At least on Christmas... I have tasted loneliness... And trust me, even though you'll never meet me, it merely sucks.


Blogger James Bailey said...

Christmas isnt about what gifts one gets, how big the tree is or where one spends it. Its about being with the ones you love, whether family, friends or partner.
The ones I feel sad for are the ones that have no one in their lives to share just one day a year together.
And yeah, cant imagine a mum not decorating the house without making a great effort :-)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005 9:16:00 PM  
Blogger Linguist-in-Waiting said...

I envy you. Greece is just on the other side of the sea if you're coming from Italy, so it is easy to return. Like you, I am a student studying in a country that is not where I am from. I am from the Philippines, doing my PhD here in Buffalo, NY, USA. And so many people are going home for the holidays, while I am here staying. Oh well...

I've been to Rome and Athens for a week each last summer, and I loved it. It's nice you get to live there!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005 5:43:00 AM  

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