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We all breath, cry, feel lonely, love regardless of our race, gender or orientation. We all crave the human touch at some stage in our lives, someone to hold, someone to simply be there for us during our moments of need. After all, everyone in this life deserves "happiness". In the form that corresponds our personal point of view...

Friday, December 02, 2005


We shouldn't expect gratitude from anyone.. Strangers, friends, family, people we talk to over the net.. As a matter of fact, gratitude is something that was given to mankind, in order to forget all about it when time calls..

PREFACE: I declare that I'm just stating my feelings about this, and I'm not trying to praise or to disapprove myself about my point of view.

I'm just a person that needs to give. A person that is happy, when people around me are happy too. Call it egoism, it may be the young age which makes everything seem to be feasible, I just can't accept the fact that some situations are just helpless. I can't accept that someone, has a problem, and doesn't want to talk about it, just because "I'll be ok tomorrow", while on the same time is feeling miserable and unhappy.

Talking about problems, sharing, taking it out of our chests, saying it out loud, helps.. Makes us realize how tragic we sound about matters, or if it realy is something serious and overwhelming, it just helps us go through it. Overcome our fears by just admitting them.

When I'm willing to listen to you, your thoughts, enter your world, even intrude sometimes, in order to make you feel better, just to be a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold to, simply let yourself go.. Don't be introvert at that point.. Everyone has the thirst to find someone to be a friend with.. Someone that can trust with their inner fears, their most intimate thoughts.. It's not my approach on people that scares them away.. It's their own fears of revealing how fragile they are to someone.. Their pride..

But how easily can we trust somebody? Anyone? Why am I so naive as to trust so easily people? I'm not stupid, but according to their sensitivities, our conversations, I think I can understand who is to trust and who's not.. And most of all, why do I expect for ANYONE to be like me? To trust and confide in me their secrets? Their problems?

Gratitude... A significant word... A word that isn't appropriate for what I am trying to say here... I don't expect gratitude from anyone... Simply because I don't think I am a missionary, or a saint, or a great benefactor. I'm just me... Solitary, romantic, silly, friendly, helpfull, me...

I just wish some people would think the same way as I do... It's a pity... I realy want to help you know.. 2 people thinking, are better than one.. Another point of view, is always helpfull to realize whether we are right or wrong at some point...

Am I so naive after all?

Mi Fido di Te
Lorenzo Jovanotti

Case di pane, riunioni di rane
vecchie che ballano nelle chadillac
muscoli d'oro, corone d'alloro
canzoni d'amore per bimbi col frack
musica seria, luce che varia
pioggia che cade, vita che scorre
cani randagi, cammelli e re magi

forse fa male eppure mi va
di stare collegato
di vivere di un fiato
di stendermi sopra al burrone
di guardare giù
la vertigine non è
paura di cadere
ma voglia di volare

mi fido di te {x4}
io mi fido di te
ehi mi fido di te
cosa sei disposto a perdere

Lampi di luce, al collo una croce
la dea dell'amore si muove nei jeans
culi e catene, assassini per bene
la radio si accende su un pezzo funky
teste fasciate, ferite curate
l'affitto del sole si paga in anticipo prego
arcobaleno, più per meno meno


mi fido di te {x3}
cosa sei disposto a perdere
mi fido di te {x2}
io mi fido di te
cosa sei disposto a perdere

rabbia stupore la parte l'attore
dottore che sintomi ha la felicità
evoluzione il cielo in prigione
questa non è un'esercitazione
forza e coraggio
la sete il miraggio
la luna nell'altra metà
lupi in agguato il peggio è passato


mi fido di te {x3}
cosa sei disposto a perdere
eh mi fido di te
mi fido di te {x3}
cosa sei disposto a perdere


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